Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Cover Letter

Lomilda Mohammed
The University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dworkin Hall
Room 396
45189 Slatternly Drive
Madison, WI 53760

Dr. Sparrowhawk Higgabotham
Mollusk: A Journal of Omnidirectional Outrage
The University of Upper Michigan
Department of English and Dialectical Studies
5749 Superior Street
Wild Turkey, MI 48088

Dear Dr. Sparrowhawk Higgabotham:

Enclosed, for your consideration, is my short story "Barbie Versus the Evil Patriarchy." It's the tale of a young woman's dawning discovery that the world is run by White Christian men who wish to keep her barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen; her subsequent mental breakdown; and her recovery upon her decision to battle against her oppressors on behalf of herself and her as-yet-unenlightened sisters in servitude.

I'm currently an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a dual major in Women's and Black Studies. I believe my academic background as well as my personal experiences as a mixed-race Black-Chicano lesbian Wiccan who endured the hardships of a segregated, lower-socioeconomic upbringing under the tyranny and unwelcome advances of her mother's succession of male (ick!) lovers well qualifies me to write on this theme.

The University of Wisconsin library subscribes to Mollusk. I've read several back issues, so I am familiar with its contents. When I read the story, "Amanda Gets Social Justice," by Colleen McKenna in the Fall 2000 issue, wherein the antagonist is ritually castrated with a dull butter knife, I knew that your quarterly would be the perfect home in which to place my manuscript.

My work has appeared in Bleeding Nonsense, Oppressed Masses, and Off the Man. I am editor-in-chief of Chiaroscuro: The Journal of Unsettling Metafiction published here on campus.

I've included a SASE for the return of my manuscript if you decide not to accept it. The story runs approximately 8500 words. It is being submitted to no other publication. I can be reached at the above postal address or email address. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely Yours,

Lomilda Mohammed

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